1. Sheree N. Johnson
Maktub In The Stars
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Petals From My Blooming Flower...
I love language and how it changes our lives. There's almost something spiritual about how languages connect and empower us. I'm talking about everything from the language of love and to sign language, to technological and financial language. And it's really cool and exciting, too!
I paint pictures in the minds of readers with my poetry. I educate small and medium-sized businesses about what social media sites are important to their business and why. I also sell life insurance. This means that I sell college educations to give youngsters better opportunities in life. I sell time with grandchildren, golf clubs, exciting trips, retirement income and self-respect for years to come.
If you have any questions, please visit my Contact page, where you can send me a message and I will assist you in creating the the financial foundation you deserve, open your mind to a new perspective through my poetry, or help your business find its voice through social media marketing.